Hi I'm Veronika

Hi guys!
I'm Veronika,
I am from Opava in Czech republic,
my hobbies are music, dancing
I'm 14 yo

Today’s photoshoot

Animated album

This is gift for my friend. She wants enter every our memories there.

"Life is about memories. Make them memorable.
The worst things to lose in life are memories.”

Portrait of Jaden Smith

I like the actor Jaden Smith.
I bored when I was ill so I 
drawed portrait of Jaden Smith.

Birds and elephant origami as decoration in my bedroom

1948 Singer 9 Roadster 4A

It’s my big projeck as a gift for my dad.
I needed only pastels, big paper and hair spray.

Karikatur my schoolmate

I bored in school so I picked up pen and started draw first thing what I saw.

Rabbit girl Yoko

Gift for my grandma

Octopus (black&white)

Give peace a chance

I didn’t want spend money for pictures from IKEA.
I drew their picture “Give Peace A Chance” as a decoration in my bedroom.

Fish in bulb

The original idea aquarium :)
I imagined it in my mind and painted it.
In the aquarium are ray, hammerhead, porcupine fish and ancistrus.

Up (Carl & Ellie)

Up is my favourite fairytale.
So I drawed main charakters: Carl and Ellie ♥
I needed: paper, coal, pastels and hair spray (to fix image).

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